Not sure why you’re not getting likes on your posts on social media? Why is no-one is following your businesses account?
At Xposure, we understand how difficult social media marketing can be to get results and grow your brand. We’ve come up with a 15-day challenge, that will take up about 10 minutes of your day, Monday to Friday for 3 weeks. No experience needed, with small businesses in mind, we created this challenge to build your online presence, widen your marketing knowledge and create habits helping your social media marketing long term.
Make sure you’re following on social media to join in with the challenge each day – it’s completely free. You can find us on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and Instagram
In 3 weeks, you learn so much in 3 simple steps – Building your online presence, engaging with your followers and creating habits that help with becoming more consistent. Each task takes around 5 to 10 minutes, no matter if you do it at 6am or 10pm, as long as you do these tasks everyday it’ll help improve your engagement. When marketing on social media, confidence is key, knowing what works and what doesn’t is so helpful, when thinking of what to post for the most impressions and engagement.
Doing these tips everyday will little by little, build up your online presence. Now non-essential retail & eating outdoors is now allowed to open, there is more competition for sales than ever. Make sure you have done all you can to put yourself above your competitors, follow us for our 15-day Social Media challenge, so you can put your best foot forward when marketing your business on Social Media.
We’ll be sharing the first tip on Monday 26th, so follow us on any of the below, to not miss any of these steps:
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