2020’s valued Patron, Ashfield District Council, has just published its Draft Consultation on Sutton Town Centre Spatial Masterplan and accompanying paper – ‘Sutton Town Centre: Rethink, Repurpose, Remake’.

Commenting on the Report Russell Jones, Partner at Hopkins Solicitors LLP and Chairman of Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 said the following:

I have worked in offices in the Ashfield area, both in Sutton in Ashfield and Kirkby in Ashfield,  continuously since September 1982.
Sutton and Kirkby have always been challenging town centres.  Sutton in particular has always needed a more connected view of it, making sure that there is clear pedestrian access into  the Town centre from all directions and through the town centre as well.
From that viewpoint I was pleased to see that efforts are being considered to improve and uplift the appearance of those pedestrian areas and the accessibility of those entrances into the Town Centre.
The historical buildings in Sutton Town centre have  at times been hidden by the development that probably occurred in the late 70’s and onwards.
If, when walking around Sutton, you lift your eyes to the second floors and subsequent levels of buildings in and around the Town centre, the buildings  are very interesting and could match those other ‘quaint’ Town centres that people often talk about if developed sensitively and investment was put into the area.
In February 2019, Hopkins Solicitors are opening a new office at in Sutton In Ashfield, in the Market Square and we have, hopefully, sensitively redeveloped the Old Market Tavern and kept all the historical features of the building to support the future plans of the Council.
We certainly believe the Ashfield area is a vibrant place to do business and are fully committed to the area and community.
I hope these plans can go ahead and re-fresh and restore the town centre(s).
Russell Jones
Partner, Hopkins Solicitors LLP and Chairman of Mansfield and Ashfield 2020
You are invited to have your say and the various documents connected to the consultation can be found below:
Sutton Town Centre- rethink repurpose remake
Sutton Town Centre Spatial Masterplan- draft report for consultation
Ashfield DC – General Letters re Draft Sutton Town Centre Masterplan

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